Bob’s Vision

My Promise to You:

During my first year in office I will earn your trust by pursuing a bold and proactive plan that includes ten points of vision and focus. This plan will restore integrity to the office of Attorney General and will advance the rights and liberties of the people.  By producing measurable results I hope to earn your respect so that together we can overcome the legal challenges before us.

10 Points of Vision and Focus

As Attorney General I will

1. Restore integrity to the office of Attorney General by conducting an internal review of the senior leadership in the office. I will ask for the resignation of those who have in any way demeaned the dignity of the office.

2. Reform the ethical rules and policies within the office of Attorney General to ensure that inappropriate political or fundraising activities are never repeated.

3. Improve the morale of the career professionals within the office of Attorney General by fostering their professional growth and opportunities.

4. Ensure the integrity of the 2014 special election for Attorney General by working with the Governor and state legislators to craft and implement appropriate campaign finance reform.

5. Demonstrate Utah’s commitment to religious freedom in America by organizing a coalition of Attorneys General to proactively monitor and advocate on behalf of religious freedom claimants from all faiths.

6. Work to restore the benefits of public lands to the states by organizing a coalition of western states Attorneys General to pursue an appropriate strategic plan.

7. Protect Utah’s constitutional definition of traditional marriage by organizing a coalition of legal experts to prepare for pending attacks and current litigation.

8. Enforce the clean up of Utah’s air through the appropriate implementation of Governor’s Herbert’s clean air initiative.

9. Reduce crime by advancing a new plan to teach our young people of the serious consequences of crime to themselves and society.

10. Protect Utah’s citizens from unreasonable “Obamacare” mandates by filing an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court to protect the right of employers to conscientiously object to abortion-inducing drugs.